Signs—Advertising for the Frugal and Lazy

There aren't many marketing strategies which let you sit back and relax while they do the work, so I recommend signs, banners and vehicle graphics because they tirelessly speak to viewers around the clock. When you calculate advertising cost per minute, a well-designed sign is the single most cost-effective way to get your business noticed.

But if you have a retail or restaurant business, you know that sometimes you need more than just a sign. You need a solution for the mess you have taped up in the window, an idea for how to talk to the guest who just wants take-out, or a strategy for directing your customers where you want them to go. I work with business owners to solve problems with ideas, most of which I can implement. One client recently asked how I might tidy up the menus in their window, since that was the first impression guests got of their establishment. I came up with a simple, clean, and inexpensive marquee system which allows them to slide the daily menu into a window pocket. A week later they raved about the attention their menu was now getting!

Are you ready to talk about how signs can communicate with your customers when you aren't even there?

Margarita sales went up 33% a week after you delivered the new sign. There were people who didn’t even realize we sold margaritas until then.
— Jim Maser, owner Picante