Logos: Your Visual Mission Statement

It only takes a handful of seconds for people to decide if they want to do business with you. Therefore, a first impression is of utmost importance. When you hand someone your business card, do you feel confident and proud or apologetic?

When a client comes to me for a logo, I always ask to read their mission statement. The goals within the mission statement need to be captured in a memorable icon or custom typeface, so there is integrity between the mission and the visual representation of the business. A logo should always be: simple, memorable, scalable, work in a single color, relevant, versatile and timeless. Is yours?

Your logo serves as the backbone of your brand. What message is your brand sending? What message do you want to send, and what type of clients will resonate with that message? Are you ready to set yourself apart?

Many thanks again for your elegant creativity in creating my logo. It fits my vision perfectly!
— Yvonne DeSena. A Return to Glamour