In business since 1995, I have worked with some of my clients for over two decades*. I value the relationships I have gained above all, since starting my own graphic design and sign firm. I look forward to two more decades of service.

Accudata* (logo design, business collateral and infographics)

Adeline Yoga (sign program, printed collateral, website art direction, t-shirt and tote design)

Aeriol Ascher (speaker sheet design)

Aikos Shave Ice (magnetic menu board)

AMQ Solutions (showroom wallpaper, banners, product illustration, t-shirt design)

Ana Forest (open house sign display)

Anasa Yoga (window graphics and safety glass film)

Anna Marks* (ad design and graphic miscellany)

Apriori (window graphics and a-frame sign)

Ashton 212 (infographics and powerpoint deck)

Barbara Butkus (logo design, t-shirt design, collateral design)

Be a Fit Mama (sign program design and manufacturing)

Berkeley High School Band And Orchestra (t-shirt design)

Bev Adamo (logo and business collateral design)

Brazil Cafe (aframe sign)

Breathing Retraining Center* (business & marketing collateral design; sign program design & installation)

Brentwood Yoga (logo design, business collateral, sign program design & manufacturing)

Cafe Fanny* (menu board design & manufacture; anniversary logo; all collateral and sellable items)

Camille King (website art direction)

Caterina Rando* (logo design, program graphics, signs and banners)

Charlie & Spike (business card design, trade show booth design and graphics manufacturing, labels)

Citizen Cake (window graphics)

C.J. Hayden* (illustrations and infographics for books)

Cult Crackers (banner)

Delida Costin, Attorney (powerpoint design and deck)

Doris Bersing (speaker sheet design, banner design and manufacturing)

Dr. Victoria Moore* (business collateral, infographics, flyers)

Eden Tree Service (vehicle graphic design & manufacturing)

Eric F. Anderson, Inc. (logo revamp, business collateral, vehicle graphic design & manufacturing)

Epifani Restorations (racing numbers for exquisite Italian racecars)

Ergogoods (design and manufacture sign program; design marketing collateral)

Evan McDonald (boat graphic design and manufacturing)

Farm Sanctuary (fundraising event graphic identity; event signage & collateral)

Fearless Aging (logo design, business collateral, website design/build)

Fentons Creamery (sign design & manufacturing; t-shirt and other sellables design; anniversary logo design & more)

Firefly Occupational Therapy Center (logo & business collateral design; website design/build)

Flowerland (advertising design; website art direction and illustration)

Frog Hollow Farm (menu board design & manufacturing; sign program at Ferry Plaza shop)

Fuzion (banners)

Gamut Construction* (logo and business collateral design; vehicle graphics)

Get Your Glow On (logo design & business collateral, flyers, sign program design & manufacturing, website design, more)

Gilman District (logo and street banner design)

Gomo (prototype decals, tradeshow booth graphics)

Greens Restaurant* (sign design, menu board design, environmental graphics)

Growing Smart Kids (logo and business collateral design; book cover design)

H-Builders (vehicle graphics and jobsite signs)

Heather Rogers Entertainment Co. (banner, event graphics and signage)

Hugh Groman Group (vehicle graphics, signage, banners, marketing collateral design)

Hype Salon (design and manufacture sign program)

Ifshin Violins (banner design and manufacturing; collateral design; rosin cap design)

Iyengar Yoga Hawaii (logo design, sign design)

Iyengar Yoga Institute of San Francisco (sign design and consultation; window graphics manufacturing, collateral design, t-shirt design; tote design)

Jupiter (beer logos, ad design, a-frame signs, coaster designs, pint glass design, merchandise cabinet design)

Hella Yoga (sign design and manufacturing)

Jen Sampou (business card and collateral design)

Joshua Eden (cd design, banner)

Karen Nierlich (logo design)

Kermit Lynch Wine Merchant (sign design & manufacturing; labels)

Keter Salon (sign manufacturing)

Lead Life Now (infographics and powerpoint deck design)

Linda Hardenstein (logo & business collateral design; speaker sheet design)

Linda Lenore (e-book cover design)

Linda Yu (logo & business collateral design; open house display)

Lollycadoodle (logo & marketing collateral design; trade show graphics; website design, more)

Marion Gellatly (business and marketing collateral design; program logos; website design; banner; more)

Marta V (product labels)

Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School (logo and website design; t-shirt design, business collateral)

MinuteMan Press (oversized print jobs; signage)

Moneeka Sawyer (speaker sheet design)

Monin Syrups (cafe menu board design & manufacture)

Montclair Vet (banners and window graphics for Pet Mayor)

NextSport (trade show graphics and displays)

Nova Midwifery (logo design & business collateral)

Out of Sight Cases (package design& prototype; banner manufacturing; flyer)

Patti Vargas (revamp business collateral; speaker sheet)

Peggy Orenstein (website design)

Percio Strategies (website design)

Phil's Sliders (sign program; marketing collateral; vehicle graphics)

Phoenix Gym (signage & marketing)

Picante* (logo, business & marketing collateral, website design & copywriting; menu design, site signage design & manufacturing; marketing plan & execution; social media)

Powerline Pilates (sign program design & manufacturing)

Prospects to Go* (logo design, marketing collateral)

Redwood Garden Preschool (logo design, business collateral, marketing collateral and website design/build)

Republic of Cake (sign program design & consultation)

A Return to Glamour (logo design & business collateral; marketing collateral; event signage)

Sage Solutions Eldercare (website design/build, marketing collateral)

San Francisco Fish Company (menu board design & manufacturing)

Saul's Deli (sign design & manufacturing; menu and sign holders)

Savvy the Salon (design & manufacture sign program)

SEEDS Community Resoution Center (sign design & manufacturing; business collateral design)

SEVA Foundation (sign program design & manufacturing)

Social Compassion In Legislation (gala event graphic identity and collateral design)

Sophie Hahn (campaign graphics and sign design; sign & banner manufacturing)

Steel Jam (sign design & manufacturing)

Strategenius (logo design & business collateral; website design/build)

Temescal Writers (logo design & marketing collateral)

Tomoko Piano (logo design & marketing collateral)

Two Pinz (logo design & business collateral; website design)

Venus Restaurant (a-frame sign design & manufacturing)

Wendy Newman (business card design; book promotional materials)

Wisteria Rockridge (logo design & business collateral; sign program design & manufacturing)

Zel Anders (banner design; film marketing collateral)

Zip Code East Bay (for sale signage; sign program design and manufacturing)