Your Website—The Ultimate Brochure

I know I probably don't have to convince you that having a website is a must for most businesses. Minimally, it makes it easy for your existing clients to refer you. Ideally, it helps people discover you. Ultimately, it can make you money while you sleep.

These days there are so many D.I.Y. website builders, it might be tempting to take a stab at it yourself. Companies such as Squarespace, Wix and Weebly offer responsive technology so your site will work and look good across all devices—a game changer for traditional webmasters.

I stayed out of web design when it required learning code. I prefer to make things look pretty and work with a rockstar coder on my team. Well, my time as a website designer has come.  Using the hottest D.I.Y. website builder, I can create a very custom-looking site for your business, product or fundraising event and you will even be able to update it yourself.

You see, websites are like gardens. They constantly need to be weeded, watered, amended, and replanted. I will prepare the bed for your perfect garden and watch your business grow. You can either tend to that garden yourself, or call on me for maintenance.

This was the first year I was really looking forward to the run-a-thon and feeling so much less stressed about it. Having this website tool to collect donations made all the difference. We increased our fundraising 33% over last year!
— Jennifer Basurto, Cornell Elementary Coyote Fun Run Chair