Book Illustrations

Bring back fancy endpapers, dress up your chapter title pages or break up those information-heavy chapters with custom illustrations. Generally better than photos when printing in black and white, illustrations can explain your brilliant concepts quickly and beautifully. We even do book covers!

Spot: $95+  Simple: $175+  Complex: 250+


Data can be mind-numbing until you create the results you want to share with an info-graphic. Used in powerpoint presentations, handouts, publications and online, and infographic can bring clarity to the information you are trying to convey at a glance! We can even print it large and make it into a display.

Starting at $225

Themed Illustrations

More elaborate than an event logo, a themed illustration brings fun and excitement to your product launch, celebration or merchandise. We can work with you to develop a super custom image which will be memorable and set the tone for your theme. We can even print small runs of full color t-shirts and tote bags.

Starting at $350

Custom Clip Art

A cohesive look throughout a marketing piece, book or website can be the difference between poorly executed and polished. While you can find beautiful clip art to purchase more cheaply, or even snag off the internet, the likelihood of you finding all the graphics you need in the same style is slim. Build your own collection and feel the pride in having one-of-a-kind images to use as you wish, guilt-free.

Starting at $50

Darned Good Portraits

In a world of avitars that sort of look like the people they represent, how about a really darned good version of you? I will keep all the good stuff and leave out the wrinkles. Just send me three of the best photos of you, and you can have a dashing rendition in full color and/or black and white. It's your call.

$150+ B&W   $225+ Color