Thank you for your interest in the graphic design assistant position. Please note that this is not a full-time position nor does it call for design talents on a daily basis. If you are expecting either full time work or lots of design work, this is not a position for you. If you love to work with your hands on a variety of interesting projects, sometimes involving computer aided design, please proceed to filling out an application. 

Sign Me UP! is a design studio which has been in business in the Bay Area since 1995. We specialize in design and marketing services for small businesses, especially restaurants. Please view the website to see the types of clients we serve and projects we accept.

We will review applications as they come in and interview only those who seem like a fit. If you are contacted for an interview, please prepare a few questions to make sure this position is also a fit for you!

Name *
Punctuality *
I show up on time and ready to work
Efficiency *
organizes tasks to improve speed; sets self up for utilizing time well
Asks Questions *
understands balance between figuring things out and reaching out for help
Follows Instructions *
practices reflective listening to make sure instructions are clear
Organization *
keeps workplace & tools, including computer files, organized
Self-Driven *
looks to keep busy while waiting for instruction or direction
Safety *
practices safe habits such as keeping fingers clear of exacto blades and maintains a tidy workspace
Growth Mindset *
evaluates mistakes for ideas to avoid them in the future
Precision *
performs precise, neat work with a high quality standard
Creativity *
uses creativity in projects; thinks outside the box
Customer Service *
helps make clients feel cared for and tended to when holding this responsibility
Hand Skills *
works well with hands and is comfortable trying new skills utilizing hands
Color Sense *
has a good eye for color matching; understands color theory
Composition *
has a good eye for balance and symmetry; has good spacial awareness
Computer Skills *
understands file structure; picks up tools and techniques with ease and applies them
Elaborate on any answers you gave above, or any skills you think would be utilized by my clients and the type of work you see on this website.
Describe your ideal working environment
How do you best learn a new skill: 1. being told how to do it 2. being shown how to do it 3. doing it
How many hours a week do you want/need to work and what hours are you available. Feel free to note your ideal schedule.
Is there something you would like to learn to do on the job that you've been interested in?
This position is to support the owner in all aspects of the business. What tasks could you handle on a regular basis to lighten the load?
Please list any details pertaining to the above questions or add anything you think might help me get a better picture of you as a candidate.
Start Date *
Start Date
When can you start?
Do you have any plans in the near or not-so-near future that would affect your employment, such as going away to college, vacations, moving away?
Tell me a little bit about special hobbies or interests you have.