CDs, Book Covers, Package Design

Don't be fooled, people DO judge a book, a cd, a wine and basically any product by its cover. Consumers ask the question, does this speak to me? Is this my tribe? If you are having cds pressed, books printed, products made, shouldn't the packaging accurately represent what is on the inside? Especially since we know it's what's on the inside that really counts.

Marketing Collateral of All Kinds

Don't fall flat with your graphic identity by having humdrum marketing materials. Your dazzling logo is the backbone of your materials but every single element of your postcard, flyer, display, or powerpoint presentation either contributes or detracts from your identity. We can keep your marketing efforts on target with great design and in some instances, create templates of the pieces we design that you can update yourself.

Social Media Imagery

In the sign industry there is a saying "less is more." This is also true for social media posts. In writing copy for billboards where about 8 words is the maximum someone can read while whizzing by on the freeway, a good social media person understands what will catch the attention in an ever demanding digital world. We can create individual posts, which can be scheduled and released as you wish, or we can run a full-bore campaign to reach a quantifiable goal. Whatever you choose, it won't be cookie cutter content that looks like everyone else's.

Sellables & Wearables

What's the point in selling merchandise that isn't absolutely irresistible? Clients count on my clever way with words and slogans and my clean, fresh designs to create desirable merchandise they can sell. Some want to have a nice give-away item to attendees for a workshop, others have actual storefront space where they can peddle some wares. Let's make it look fantastic so your items fly off the shelves.

Unusual Projects

When you can't think of the right person for the job, give us a try! We have made everything from converting a costco fridge into a retro masterpiece to giving a cow costume an extreme makeover so it wouldn't keep scaring the children. Scenic painting, prop making, sculpture, handwork, light carpentry, costume making, still photography, sign making, printmaking and general cleverness are skills found in our studio.

Thank you SO much!!!! This has been an awesome experience of professionalism and creativity unlike anything that I have experienced in such a long time! I’ve re-learned from you what it is to serve your customer and over-deliver! And to see how much I have been ‘settling’ for! Thank you for raising my bar, both on delivery and expectations! I can’t wait to do the same for my customers. Calling it the BABS Standard.
— Wanda Lee Stevens, founder of Book Your Life